Eric Rohmer, 1920-2010.

La collectionneuse - 1967, 35mm

A Modern Coed - 1966, 16mm

The Curve - 1999, DV


One of the great filmmakers of bodies and gestures, as much as words. R.I.P.


Daniel Kasman said...

When's Edwige Shaki going to make another film?

Ian said...

I am glad you recognize Rohmer's bodies and gestures -- people too often hear only the words and miss all the information that is being given otherwise.


Luis M said...

It is immensely important that you pay this tribute to Rohmer through the gestures and the bodies that make them. Everybody else only seems to pay attention to the words

Matthew Flanagan said...

Danny - good question! Ian, Luis - absolutely. And thanks.