William Lubtchansky, 1937-2010.

[stills from three unused takes; Klassenverhältnisse, 1984, b&w, 35mm]

"The first generation of the cinema belonged to the producers; the second, to the directors; now the third has come, that belongs to the authors."

--Jean Renoir, speaking in the late 1930s, cited by Janet Bergstrom in "Oneiric Cinema", Film History 11, 1999, p. 114.

Even to the harbour, the greatest in the world, peace had returned, and only now and then, probably influenced by some memory of an earlier view close at hand, did one fancy that one saw a ship cutting the water for a little distance. But one could not follow it for long; it escaped one's eyes and was no more to be found.

--Franz Kafka, Amerika, 1927.

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