At sea #9


In London next week: a screening of The Forgotten Space, followed the next day by a panel discussion with Allan Sekula, Noël Burch and Benjamin Buchloh. Ongoing: The Robinson Institute. Also: interviews on art and politics with Nicole Brenez & Thomas Beard; Modernity Revisited; that troublesome Godard period I & II; a letter from Danièle HuilletAntoine on Raya M; and some pop music.

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Matthew Flanagan said...

Video of the Tate's Forgotten Space panel discussion. Highlights: Sekula on Obama ('proof it's structural'); Burch on the essay film ('it's a myth, a joke, bullshit'); Buchloh's memory of Straub expressing his hatred of Hollis Frampton; and a wager on impending fallout from the increasing stupidity of elites vs. smartness of the masses...