An aside, or: scholarship #4


[EDIT, August 2015: The version of my thesis that was previously publicly available at ORE had a number of typographical errors/slips in it. Sorry about that! They have since been corrected, and the corrected version is available at the same link below.]

FWIW, my PhD thesis, 'Slow Cinema': Temporality and Style in Contemporary Art and Experimental Film, can now be downloaded here. Also, another piece of recent writing: a write-up of last year's Experimenta Weekend at LFF.


Matthew Flanagan said...

Image: Death in the Land of Encantos (Lav Diaz, 2007).

Also of note: Tiago de Luca's thesis, Realism of the senses: a tendency in contemporary world cinema (2011), which will soon be followed by a book. Tiago and Nuno Barradas are also working on an edited collection on slow cinema, to be published by Edinburgh UP sometime after 2014.

Unknown said...

Your thesis is great. I started at chapter 3, and I'm working my way through. I hope you don't mind but I posted an excerpt of it on my blog: http://bitsofbusiness.tumblr.com/post/46795895506/speaking-in-pierre-andre-boutang-and-dominique

Matthew Flanagan said...

Thanks Samuel, much appreciated.

(Here's a clickable link.)

girish said...

This looks wonderful, Matthew. I look forward to reading!

Just Another Film Buff said...

Many thanks for putting this up for us, Matthew.

And my hearty congratulations on your thesis completion. Way to go!


Matthew Flanagan said...

Thank you, Girish and Srikanth! Hope you're both well.

OdorEmilia said...

I've just come across this post and your dissertation. It looks extremely interesting! I very much look forward to reading it. Thank you for sharing!
Regards from the slow country of Béla Tarr :))

Matthew Flanagan said...

Thanks, Teréz! Hope you find something of interest in it.

Speaking of Tarr, I am looking forward to seeing this film at some point.