Screening Nature


In London tomorrow (short notice, admittedly; forgot to post sooner): Screening Nature, a "weekend of moving image work on nature, humans, and animals, and the convoluted relations between us." The full series of programmes includes one entitled Leaves in the Wind, inspired by the third shot of James Benning’s Ruhr (2009), in which airplanes generate the visible 'wind in the trees' at five intervals during the shot. Also in London: a complete screening of Peter Watkins' The Journey (1987) at Tate Modern, Chris Killip's What Happened – Great Britain 1970–1990 at The Photographers' Gallery, and Time, the deer, is in the wood of Hallaig at St John on Bethnal Green. Other links: At Noda's villa, in Tadeshina; a fascinating interview with David Gatten; Interviews with J.B.David Bordwell on analogue film's end times; Liz Harris' FACT mix; How can we live with it?Nation Equals Rate Times Time.