'10, '11


A few words: late notes on 2010 at Ryland's and a pairing for the year just gone at Mubi Notebook. Haven't seen many films from 2011 yet, but very good so far: Gina's Traveling Light, Christoph Hochhäusler's Unter dir die Stadt (a film of finance-capital that reminds me, above all, of La notte) and, reliably, Petzold's third of Dreileben, Etwas Besseres als den Tod.


Matthew Flanagan said...

[Images: Unter dir die Stadt.]

Horacio Muñoz Fernández said...

¿La notte? I think The city below is a great reupdating of Eclipse. Although I think it has also echoes to Boarding Gate.
What do you think about this?
Best Wishes

Matthew Flanagan said...

Horacio, I haven't seen L'eclisse yet, shamefully, but I imagine you're probably right! Boarding Gate is an apt comparison too, although that film does go much further in attempting to visualise neoliberalism's cultures of circulation. And does it very well too, I think.