Forests #12


Amy Cutler has uploaded a full catalogue of the recent exhibition at St. John on Bethnal Green, Time, the deer, is in the wood of HallaigThe exhibition includes a specially extended 25-minute version of Noon Hill Wood by Richard Skelton (part of his second ARCHIVAL release, accompanying the publication of Bark, Xylem), as well as work by Camilla NelsonSung Hee JinCarol Watts and David Chatton Barker (whose own site is worth a look too). Related: Dan Handel's extended essay for Cabinet's current special issue on trees, Into the Woods.



The blues goin' dwell with you #2

The Blues Accordin’ to Lightnin’ Hopkins - Les Blank, 1968, 16mm

The blues goin' dwell with you #1

The Sun’s Gonna Shine - Les Blank, 1969, 16mm


The Wind #7

Brush fires near the Quneitra border crossing, Golan Heights - Ammar Awad, 07/06/2013