Illuminations #11

C.F.Plateaux-no.9 - Tatsuo Miyajima, 2007LED/electric wire/IC

An aside, or: a note on cinephilia #2


We must believe in the body, but as in the germ of life, the seed which splits open the paving-stones, which has been preserved and lives on in the holy shroud or the mummy's bandages, and which bears witness to life, in the world as it is. We need an ethic or faith, which makes fools laugh: it is not a need to believe in something else, but a need to believe in this world, of which fools are a part.

--Gilles Deleuze, Cinema 2: The Time-Image (Continuum, 2005), p.167.


At sea #10

Seascape with Distant Coast - JMW Turner, c. 1840 (unfinished), oil on canvas


J.B. #2

(FC) Two Cabins by JB - A.R.T. Press, 2011, selected images, p.23-76


Realism(s) #19

Untitled - Bill Traylor, c. 1939-1942, poster paint & pencil on discarded cardboard


Illuminations #10


Images from Nathaniel Dorsky's latest film, August and After, which premiered in Los Angeles a couple of weeks ago. Via. Also, in London later this month: the first LUX/ICA Biennial, featuring some interesting programmes, and, projected at Gasworks, The Anabasis of May and Fusako Shigenobu, Masao Adachi and 27 Years Without Images.