J.B. #2

(FC) Two Cabins by JB - A.R.T. Press, 2011, selected images, p.23-76

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Matthew Flanagan said...

'James Benning’s cabins sit 40 meters apart bedded in among thickets of scrub oak, manzanita and ponderosa pine at an elevation of 4000 feet mid-way down a steep foothill adjacent to the Sequoia National Forest in the western High Sierras. Flanked by high bushes and oriented at different angles, each cabin, secreted in plain sight, is a one-room world unto itself. Separate but connected (there is no directly linking path) they each command similar yet completely different inward- and outward-facing views...' -- Dick Hebdige, "After Benning, after Math: 12, 13 and counting...", (FC) Two Cabins by JB, p.146.

Texts [pdf]: specs; Twelve People (James Benning) & Freedom and After (Julie Ault).

Also: a short text by Benning, as told to Brian Sholis, and the project's tumblr.