History Lesson(s) #13


An aside: Emotional capital matters, and breaking bread is, on the whole, more rewarding than the pittance we’re so often given for our work. The truth is there is hardly a career to be had in criticism of any kind, which points again at the first precept. You want to use your energy to contribute to the world, not categorize it. Enough things are broken into bits and pieces, including humans. Therefore, do not ignore the value of being physically present with another human being that you respect, and enjoy.

--Ryland Walker Knight, Critical Precepts for the Writer in 2013. Trust your gut, respect your pleasure.


Realism(s) #24

Un été brûlant - Philippe Garrel, 2011, 35mm


"I've lost the strength to wait for you to look at me. I've never felt so lonely..."


J.B. #3


What you’re witnessing in that shot, is the turning of the earth: the light comes across the frame, there are trees casting shadows across the frame, and the sun isn’t moving. The sun doesn’t go around the earth, you all know that, right? The earth actually turns. It gives the illusion like it’s going round the earth. In the shot you see the light move and that’s due to the spinning of the earth, so I’m actually documenting its rotation. I mean, the elements that are in this film: earth, fire, water, wind, those kind of things, that’s what life is about. That’s my favourite shot in the film. I really like the way the light so subtly changes and, near the end, lights up the fool’s gold that’s under the water. You actually see gold sparkling underneath, which is not gold at all...

--James Benning talks about Easy Rider (2012), after the film's first screening in New York last month. Edition Filmmuseum has also recently released Benning's California Trilogy (1999-2001) on DVD.