Realism(s) #47

yesterday - Nathan Bajar, 2014


Realism(s) #46

untitled - Ali Bosworth, from the series 2013 C & Milos


Realism(s) #45


I was a few years out of a heavy relationship. We still weren't really talking; things seemed worse than right after we split. I hadn't processed any of it, had instead dived straight in to the basement and worked on A I A. Stopped hanging out with friends; didn't occur to me to try to date, or pay attention to the news, what else was going on in the world. At that time I still wasn't talking about my problems with anyone. I was living by a popular myth, that if I didn't talk about something, it wouldn't be a problem. Ruins helped crack me open.

--Liz Harris, interviewed by Maya Kalev, October 2014. Drawing by Liz Harris, from the series Vessel (undated).

Illuminations #23

Cloud 9 Bar, Elko, Nevada, 1979 - William Albert Allard, from the series Out West


The Wind #10

Mount Sinabung, as seen from Karo, North Sumatra, Indonesia - Dedy Sahputra, 09/10/2014


Llora cuando te pase


It'd be remiss of me not to mention here that Laida Lertxundi's superb Cry When it Happens / Llora Cuando Te Pase (2010, 16mm) is streaming at Vdrome for another week, thankfully in HD.

Some other recent-ish links of note: Questions for the Frozen SeaThe Everyday (Once More)obligatory notation of the existence of new Dorskys; wind, rain, glass; an interview with Danièle Huillet and Jean-Marie Straub by Hans Hurch (1981) and Introduction to a Straub-Huillet Retrospective (1982); Entrevista con Jean-Claude Rousseau: La Vallée close.

I'm out of the loop when it comes to screenings, but: there are still two A Nos Amours presentations of Sátántangó on 35mm to come in Leeds and NewcastleAlonso (see Quintin), Beavers, Costa ('all we have are sandwiches'), Diaz, Godard, Lertxundi, Petzold (etc!) at LFF; Markopoulos at Tate Modern; Alexandre Galmard's NM. Also still on: Malevich at Tate Modern.


Realism(s) #44

L'ami de mon amie - Eric Rohmer, 1987, 35mm


Realism(s) #43

À propos de Venise - Jean-Marie Straub, 2013, HD video


The Wind #9

Beit Hanoun, Gaza Strip - Wissam Nassar, 04/08/2014


The Wind #8

Smoke rises after an Israeli air strike on a Palestinian house in Gaza City - Ashraf Amra, 18/11/2012


Realism(s) #42

Les jours où je n'existe pas - Jean-Charles Fitoussi, 2003, 35mm


Realism(s) #41

Julia - Mustafah Abdulaziz, 2013


History Lesson(s) #31, or: living is erasing

Untitled - Francesca Woodman, 1975-1980


Realism(s) #40

Ferien - Thomas Arslan, 2007, 35mm


Forests #13

Untitled (camp smoke) - Missy Prince, from the series It's Never Sunny


Des animaux #11

Nana - Valérie Massadian, 2011, HD video


History Lesson(s) #30

City of Fuling, 2011 - Chen Jiagang, from the series The Great Three Gorges


History Lesson(s) #29

The Immigrant - James Gray, 2013, 35mm


Everything or nothing #7

Les trois désastres - Jean-Luc Godard, 2013, digital/HD video


History Lesson(s) #28

Elle a passé tant d'heures sous les sunlights - Philippe Garrel, 1985, 35mm

History Lesson(s) #27

Elle a passé tant d'heures sous les sunlights - Philippe Garrel, 1985, 35mm


History Lesson(s) #26

Jiabiangou - Wang Bing, 2010, HD video

Everything or nothing #6


Bad filmmakers (sadly for them) have no ideas. Good filmmakers (it's what limits them) tend to have too many. Great filmmakers (especially the inventors) have only one. This idée fixe enables them to keep moving on, to take the idea through ever-renewing and ever-interesting landscapes. The price to pay is well-known: a certain solitude. What about great critics? It is the same thing, except there are none. They become (something else, outdated, filmmakers), they get (first famous, then on everyone's nerves), and finally, they bore. All but one.

--Serge Daney, in a review of Dudley Andrew's (very fine) 1978 biography of André Bazin, newly translated into English by Paul Chouchana for Double Exposure 6.


Everything or nothing #5

L'Argent - Robert Bresson, 1983, 35mm