Everything or nothing #6


Bad filmmakers (sadly for them) have no ideas. Good filmmakers (it's what limits them) tend to have too many. Great filmmakers (especially the inventors) have only one. This idée fixe enables them to keep moving on, to take the idea through ever-renewing and ever-interesting landscapes. The price to pay is well-known: a certain solitude. What about great critics? It is the same thing, except there are none. They become (something else, outdated, filmmakers), they get (first famous, then on everyone's nerves), and finally, they bore. All but one.

--Serge Daney, in a review of Dudley Andrew's (very fine) 1978 biography of André Bazin, newly translated into English by Paul Chouchana for Double Exposure 6.

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Image: 2 x 50 ans de cinéma français (Jean-Luc Godard & Anne-Marie Miéville, 1995).