Realism(s) #28, or: it's everything you can't say

J'entends plus la guitare - Philippe Garrel, 1991, 35mm


An aside, or: acontecimientos 2012


Lumière's Acontecimientos 2012 has been published: my short list, Edwin's, Francisco's customarily comprehensive annual review, and two very moving entries: Gina's, and Boris Nelepo's (inc. a tribute to Jorge, a baker and cinephile more familiarly known to many of us as fitz, who died last year. R.I.P.).


Traveling Light


Later this month, Gina Telaroli's Traveling Light will be projected for the first time outside the U.S., in Bradford. Highly recommended. Also screening there: James Benning's One Way Boogie Woogie 2012, Peter Schreiner's Fata Morgana, and a crash-course in Austrian experimental film, curated by Brigitta Burger-Utzer. In London: a restored print of SleepStar Spangled to Death; and an uncommonly good run of rep screenings at BFI Southbank: Sharits & Le Grice, twin-projected, La cicatrice intérieure, Toni, An Inn in Tokyo, a L’Herbier season, and Le cercle rouge, amongst others.