Everything or nothing #5

L'Argent - Robert Bresson, 1983, 35mm


Des animaux #10

Tod und Teufel - Peter Nestler, 2009, digital video


The devil, probably


Some links: the excellent programme 'The Devil, Probably' (curated by Robert Snowden & Lucas Quigley and presented at Yale Union & Northwest Film Center between 4 January – 11 February) is accompanied online by a thoughtful archive of readings, including texts for Allan Sekula's class on globalisation at CalArts (in two parts: I, II). Other programmes of note: Courtisane 2014, 'Vengeance is Hers' at BAMcinématek (also: an interview with Thomas Beard & Nellie Killian) and 'Art of the Real' at the Film Society of Lincoln Center, which opens with Raya Martin & Mark Peranson’s La última película, one of the finest films of last year. AV Festival 14 (theme: Extraction) opens next month, and features a rare screening of La région centralea Wang Bing programme (inc. an installation of Crude Oil at Stephenson Works in Newcastle); Nikolaus Geyrhalter's Pripyattwo films by The Otolith Group; Xu Ruotao, J.P. Sniadecki & Huang Xiangs's Yumen; and performances by Akio Suzuki and Richard Skelton & Elysian Quartet.

Also: Anat Pick on Rose Lowder; a new film by Nathaniel Dorsky, December, which premieres as part of a four film cycle in SF in AprilÉliane Radigue at the RFH'HYPNOSIS DISPLAY', a Grouper & Paul Clipson collaboration touring in June. And a late discovery: the early works on Jodie Mack's Vimeo channel, which is best worked through backwards (see also: Michael Sicinski on Mack's Yard Work is Hard Work and Persian Pickles, the former of which can be viewed in full here).


Illuminations #21

Vendredi soir - Claire Denis, 2002, 35mm