ACR in London


Keep forgetting to post about this, but it still has almost a month to run (until 14 February): The Inoperative Community at Raven Row (London), featuring four hours of reels (some newly available) from Anne Charlotte Robertson's Five Year Diary (1981–97), restored and preserved by the Harvard Film Archive. Early contender for rep cinema event of the year: exhibition programme [pdf]. Also: Saul Leiter at The Photographer's GalleryAV Festival 2016, featuring Adachi x2.

Links: Let Your Light Shine; Barbering for Freedom; Food/LandOur devices are not turning us into unfeeling robots; the dark geography of the deep stateTemps mort: Speaking about Chantal Akerman (1950-2015); In Memoriam – Chantal Akerman: La Passion de L’IntimeThe Direct Experience: Between Northern Cinema and JapanDance Movies!; Girish on Two Days, One Night and The Apu Trilogy (don't forget The New Cinephilia!); Shard Cinema [pdf]; and the future of digital and computational photography.