To the derelicts of the earth #2

New York, N.Y. - Raymond Depardon, 1986, 35mm


The filming was done in New York, but what it shows is not this city but rather a hazy diffusion, which softens the three pictures with shadows, as if perceived through the unwashed windowpane of a cafe. The passers-by at the street intersection are nothing but strange, anonymous silhouettes, wandering through a Nietzschean metropolis. No one sees anyone else, and everyone is alone.

--Hartmut Bitomsky on New York, N.Y., The Documentary World, published in Retrospektive catalogue, Goethe Institute, Munich, 1997, p.17.

The object manifests itself through its absence. It has vanished from the film.

New York Portrait Pt. II - Peter Hutton, 1980-81, 16mm


Michael Guillen said...

The presence of absence--what Raymond Carver called "the white shadow"--is one of my favorite themes.

Matthew Flanagan said...

"the white shadow" - I like that. Great J.B. interview at yours, btw.

Michael Guillen said...

Thanks, Matthew. It was a pleasure to draw attention to your Auteurs piece. I sincerely appreciate your approach towards film: it's singularly unique.

Matthew Flanagan said...

Very kind, Michael, thank you. I only get to do images because people like you bring the words.